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  • Ziya Mollamahmut

    Ziya Mollamahmut

    Software Developer, Regional Training Expert, 3D Modeling Hobbyist

  • Tonito Kusters

    Tonito Kusters

  • N H Bours

    N H Bours

  • Pratha Avashia

    Pratha Avashia

    Ruby on Rails Developer, an artist and inquisitive towards any new tech

  • Tech - RubyCademy

    Tech - RubyCademy


  • Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor is a Senior Software Developer at Clio. He has a passion for Ruby, loves tea, and rides his bike (almost) everywhere.

  • James Wright

    James Wright

    Software engineer, writer, speaker, and open source contributor. Worked at the likes of Sky, Channel 4, YLD, Trainline, and NET-A-PORTER.

  • melissa mcewen

    melissa mcewen

    Software bugs + regular bugs

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